Just For Fun… What if…

Lets say someone gave you a zillion dollars… So that you could take a novel that had already been made into a movie or series and do a hella-fuck-awesome remake… Which book would you pick?

ASkars as the lead, of course…

The obvious answer of unfucking True Blood is a given…

I only warn you that if your answer is Gone With the Wind, keep it to yourself or I’ll block you.



My choice?

Glad you asked…

North and South.

ASkars as Orry Mane… Mmmmmm… Dirty… Sweaty… Sword… Horseback… Mmmmm…

Sorry, where was I?

Oh, yeah…

It’s only fitting since 25 years ago, Orry Mane was played by the hottest hunk du’jour, Pattrick Swayze.

I’d have to add a few extra lemons, but at least I’d take a more careful approach to casting and wardrobe than some producers.

*clears throat & sends an anonymous threat to Alan Ball*

Just so you know… this RAOR (Retarded Act Of Randomness) was inspired by my 11 yo. He asked my husband a similar question about horror films (their shared interest).

My DH’s answer was Poltergeist. 😛

So, out of boredom… come on, you know there’s something you’d like to see him in…

Or not in….

*wiggles eyebrows*

12 thoughts on “Just For Fun… What if…

  1. Oh Lord. I can’t tell you how much I love Orry Mane. The snotty crying scene? You know what I’m talking about…
    It’s a tough question you pose…I think I have to say South Pacific…

  2. How about “A Streetcar Named Desire”? Although it is really hard to mess with Liz, Paul, and James!! We already know Alex has the arm porn and looks hot in a wife-beater 😀

  3. I’d go with Long Hot Summer – Paul fuckin’ Newman. I’d also mention Hud and Cool Hand Luke, but I am not sure they were based on previous written work.

      Cat On A Hot Tin Roof!
      That was Tennessee Fucking Williams Bay- Bay!
      And Paulie was shiny from the stifling Summah Heat…
      Alex… Paul… Paul… Alex….
      Oh Yeah!

      Who could we cast as Brick’s Maggie though?
      …I’m picturing Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley…
      That could be Uber-hella-hot!

  4. For Maggie… Emily Blunt or Rosamunde Pike – I do like Natalie Portman that is inspired.

    I don’t see Alex as Brick only because Brick is a frustrated homosexual who’s so not into Maggie. So you miss out on some hot/sexy scenes. So am not voting for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof even though that was the best looking cinema couple – Paul and Liz!!!!!

    Long Hot Summer was an amalgam of Faulkner stories (Barn Burner being one). The sexual tensions between Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward was off the charts.

    Did y’all see that Liz is getting married again???

  5. Ok…don’t kill me but…AS as Ralph De Bricassart from the Thorn Birds! Hells Yeah…conflicted, ambitious, sexy, and totally unattainable, and a priest (PILF?)….Oh yeah, I’m goin’ to hell for even thinking such things. Wanna join me?

  6. I went tomato shopping with Paul Newman…

    How’s that for an opening sentence!

    I can’t think of any women actress who can put on the heat like Liz.
    And I don’t think that Brick is a frustrated homosexual. I think he’s ruled by guilt because his friend was, and he killed himself because Brick couldn’t do the required act.

    • In the original play by Tennessee Williams there were stronger undertones that Brick was gay and in love with his best friend. The film version they only slightly allude to it.

      Ericismine suggested that the work be rewritten based on the original work – I realize that the movie does not make it clear that Brick is gay.

      • I just reread what you wrote Galjin – sorry I totally missed your point.

        So your interpretation of the play is that Brick feels guilty that his friend was in love with him and he could not reciprocate it. Hmmm. I will have to reread it has been forever. Interesting!

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