Chapter 6: Rock & Roll High School


Rock & Roll High School

Saturday continued…

It was right after 6 and Sookie had just ordered the pizzas for dinner when the house filled back up. The Merlottes dropped off Alc and Ame and when they walked in, the kids didn’t even look up at them. They were too busy laughing at Sookie trying to draw a school bus that looked more like a tiger than the tiger had.

She was smiling at their jokes when she greeted them. “How’d the hunt go?”

Amelia was holding Alcide’s hand (hadn’t seen that in a couple of years) when her enthusiasm bubbled out. “It wasn’t a hunt. It was like grocery shopping! The first place Sam took us to was perfect. Its five minutes from here, on a few acres, 4 bedrooms, new kitchen and floors, huge deck and den. We looked at other places but we liked the first one the most.  The best part is that it’s a rent with option and already empty so we can be here in a couple of weeks.” Even Alcide was smiling.

“That’s wonderful! Does anything need to be done to it?”

“The yard is pretty over grown and the walls need to be painted, but its stuff Alcide can take care of while he’s here.”

Alcide cleared his throat. He looked nervous. “Sookie, do you mind if I stay that long?”

“Mi casa es su casa.”

Instant relief. “Thank you. Are you two still driving down to pack up tomorrow?”

I nodded.

“Well, if it’s alright with y’all, I was thinking I could go pack our desks and grab some of my stuff from home when they leave in the morning, if you don’t mind me riding back with you.”

“Sounds good to me, but Sookie and I get to pick the music.”

Alcide nudged Sookie’s leg with his foot. “Tell me you like some country.”

“Love it.” She looked up at him with a big smile. “As long as I can’t hear it.”

“You suck.” Yes she does… very well. Mmm… Fuck. Behaving… behaving. “How were the kids?”

“Perfect angels. They’ve been keeping us in line for hours.” Sookie kissed Jack’s cheek as she stood up. “Dinner’s on the way and us ladies have some wardrobe choices to make. Shall we?”

Amelia and Pam both followed her down the hall and they shut the door behind them, leaving Alcide and I alone with the boys. When Alcide sat down, Jack climbed up to sit next to him.

“We’re moving for real?”

Alcide smiled at him. “Yeah. Your new room is really big and we need to get you guys a jungle gym and you have room for power wheels now. The yard is as big as this one.”

“Are you moving with us?”

Fuck. Guy moment. Do I leave the room or pretend to ignore it. Awkward.

“Sort of. I have to stay here for work. So I’m going to stay with Eric and Sookie while you go say goodbye to your friends at school and help your mom pack, then I’ll be here when you get back.” Good answer, I thought. Even if it didn’t answer his real meaning.

“But are you going to live with us? I heard mommy tell Aunt Octavia that you have a girlfriend.” I had never paid more attention to a drawing of a truck (Carm’s most recent request) in all my life. Avoiding eye contact. I wish I needed to pee or something. Any reason to leave the room.

“Of course I’m going to live with you. I don’t have a girlfriend. You’re mommy only thought that because I’m gone so much for work.” A half truth, but still acceptable. Since technically a one-nighter isn’t a ‘girlfriend’ and Ame was wrong THIS TIME. Fuck. I Dream of Jeanie could blink out of a room… I was so happy to see Lafayette walk in, I could have kissed him. Really.

He was wearing jeans and black boots with a black mesh shirt on, showing off nipple rings and the fact that he probably has a home gym.

“Hey there. Did you dress up just for me?”

“Oh honey! I dress for me, but thanks for noticing.” He came over and sat next to me, instantly picking up pictures. “Now tell me Sookie wasn’t drawing for these kids! She’s gonna give them nightmares.”

I laughed. “They have a great sense of humor. All three of us laughed at her.”

He raised his tweezed eyebrows at me when he got to the picture of Sookie. “Oh my. Son, you are done for. Toe Up. Gone.”

“Yes I am… How’d the car turn out?” He smiled at me for trying to change the subject.

“Oh. My. God! I almost didn’t bring it back. It was sweet before, but with the new tuck and roll… Ungh, DAMN! Sexy! I swear that our girl was born a couple decades late. She’s got too much style for the new millennium! Where she at?”

“Getting dressed with the other ladies.”

“She tartin’ up that fine boss of yours for her Daddy?”


“She never taken you to the Dirges?”


He started laughing. “I can’t wait… After what the costume Tara gave her did… You’ll pop!”

Oh. God. No. Please. “What am I going to be dealing with?” I know I looked panicked… Because I was.

“If I know my girl, I hope you like leather!” *Gulp* *Throb* Shit!

Alcide’s eyes looked like dinner plates. “I’m not sure that Amelia…” He was interrupted by the sound of the bedroom door squeaking open.

Pam came down the hall first with an ‘I dare you to laugh’ look on her face. She was wearing a red wrap dress with yellow flowers around the bottom and yellow ties and her shoes were red pumps with a yellow heel. I’d never seen her in anything but navy blue or black. Red was good for her. Alcide was scared to say anything. Chicken shit.

“Would it be out of line to say you look sexy as hell, boss?”

She smiled at me. It was wide and genuine… and warm. “Yes. But thank you.”

Amelia was next and I noticed the look on Alcide’s face before I saw her. You could have parked a Buick in his mouth. Gob smacked. Completely. She came down the hall not knowing where to put her hands since they usually rested in the pockets of her baggy jeans. Sookie had somehow convinced her to put on a short grey pleated skirt with a pale pink, silky and low cut tank top and matching grey pumps. If she managed to talk the stay at home mom into looking like a sexy school girl, I AM FUCKED!

I was about to compliment Amelia since Alcide hadn’t and she was starting to look like she was having second thoughts but he came through and told her how nice she looked in a very G rated way since the kids were in the room, but he waggled his eyebrows at her.

Lafayette yelled for Sookie to ‘bring out the heavy artillery’.  When I heard her high heels on the floor, I started to get scared and my heart started to race. Instead of watching for Sookie, Lafayette kept his eyes on me. Shit head. He was having too much fun with this. He started laughing as I felt the blood drain from my face. She came down the hall in black HIGH heeled boots under black leather pants that sat low like her bikini underwear and a silver halter top that barely covered her tits and was completely open in the back, save the two strings that held it on. Fuck. The fabric clung to her body showing the outline of her barbells. How am I supposed to dance with her? FUCK!

When I didn’t say anything, she walked over to me slowly, clicking her heels along the floor and squatted over my legs like she had last night, staring me down. Her hair was twisted back into a clip, her makeup was dark and sexy and she smelled like cinnamon again. Fuck. Ungh. Mmmm. Fuck.

“Well?” She licked her lips. Oh. God.

I had to clear my throat a few times and think of something to say instead of pulling her to the floor. “Sookie, your father is going to be there.”

She snickered at me. “I know.”

“He said you looked like a trollop in the devil costume.”

“He knows how I dress for Dirges. He’ll be fine. Besides, now that we’re engaged, I’m your problem.”

“Yes you are.” She smiled and kissed me, running her tongue along my bottom lip.

Lafayette was still laughing. “Sook, stop making it ‘HARD’ on the boy! We needs to tune your strings before we go.”

He slapped me five when he stood up after her. He was shaking his head at me. “You are a stronger man than me. Even I’d hit that.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

I watched Sookie swagger back to the bedroom and come back with a black hoodie and a pair of black vans. She caught me looking at them and explained that she couldn’t play drums in heels and the hoodie was to maintain a bit of up-close modesty while Taryn was over. The students on the lawn would be more than 50 feet away, so she wasn’t as ‘worried about them’.

I WAS worried about the pizza guy though. When she answered the door, he stuttered and couldn’t manage a single coherent word. The view he had was tip enough. Alcide saw the look of death I was giving the guy and slapped my shoulder while he laughed.


While we ate, Sookie and Laf talked about the play list for the night and Alcide got excited when he heard that they played a country song.

Sookie laughed. “Don’t get too happy. We put a little ‘twist’ on What Was I Thinkin’. We speed it up and punk it out.” He actually pouted.

Lafayette laughed at him but went back to the conversation. “When was the last time you used the pipes?”

She rolled her eyes up, trying to remember. “I think the last time we went up.”

“Shit. Girl. Give me some Fiona.”

Sookie finished chewing then cleared her throat. “I’ve been a bad, bad girl, I’ve been careless with a delicate man, and it’s a sad, sad world, when a girl will break a boy just because she can.” Deep.Smooth.Sexy. Hard.

“Now give me some Christina.”

She smiled at him and opened up. “Met him out for dinner on a Friday night, he really got me working up an appetite, he had tattoos up and down his arm, there’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm, he’s a one stop shop, makes my panties drop, he’s a sweet talking, sugar coated candyman.” I wanted to bend her over the counter. Throbbing. “At least we know I’m in tune.”

“Aw shit.” He shook his head and made a spanking gesture.

Sookie walked over and started giving him a short lap dance, fucking waste, while she sang. “I just seen a girl with a body like a stripper, sliding down a pole makes me wanna take a picture,”

Lafayette sang: “Aww shit, she got me like aww shit.”

36-24-36er can’t get any thicker, think I need to tip her.” They both started laughing. I wanted to be him. Fuck. Tonight was going to kill me.

I had to focus on something else. The colorless face of my partner was pissing me off so the horrified look on Amelia’s face was a good start. “What’s wrong, Ame?” It wasn’t until I said something that I realized that I’d been holding my breath.

“I don’t know about this. I can’t dance like that.”

Sookie sat on Laf’s lap and smiled at her. “No one expects you to give out lap dances. You dance with your husband at your pace. It’s a bar not a strip club.” One could hope.

“Are you sure?”

“You don’t have to dance at all if you don’t want to. How are you used to dancing?”

“Slow. I’ve never been able to dance to fast music.” I know damn good and well that Alcide could. I’d seen him dance with enough random girls at the bar by my place.

“Would you like a lesson? We can go back to my room and I can help you out. If you can have sex, you can dance.” Can I watch?

Sookie jerked her head and held her hand out for her. It surprised Alcide and I both when Amelia took her hand with a smile and let Sookie tow her out of the room.

We heard Cobrastyle start playing through the closed door and Alcide got a hopeful look on his face. “You think she can teach Ame how to lap dance?” He started laughing but I had to fake amusement. I’d seen him get plenty of those too.

Lafayette laughed. “She could teach YOU how to lap dance. That girl has too much rhythm and she can crack walnuts with her thighs. Wait til you see her on stage tonight. She’s full throttle. She dances around that stage playing guitar and never missing a note. I’m just glad she found a way to enjoy all that shit her momma forced down her throat.”

“All what stuff?” Good. Alcide’s curiosity would give me the chance to calm down enough to stand up.

Lafayette started shaking his head. “That ho had Sook at some class every day since she was 3. Gymnastics, singing, dancing, elocution, piano, violin, anything you can imagine. Until Sookie was 16 her mother drove her all over the place. 10 pageants a year. You should see her room. It’s sick. Sookie never kept it like that when she lived there. Hitler did it after she left for college. The walls are covered with her sashes. There’s shelves with all the crowns. Daddy told me that she never lost a single pageant until she threw one. Then her mother told her not to bother anymore.”

I grumbled. “And when she gave up showing her off, she was pimped out to the prick.”

Lafayette snorted while he played with one of his bracelets. “She did the same thing to Jason. Football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, hockey. Her children were born from Munchausen’s. They were meant to get her some attention. Plain and simple. Jason and Sookie were put on this earth to be adored and they are, but not for the drug she pushed. Everyone loves them because of how Daddy raised them, not the way she trained them. She gave two shits about the fact that both of them are geniuses.”

That, I didn’t know. Jason? A genius. Why waste it on being a landscaper? I know that’s shitty, but seriously…

Pam was sucked in again. “Jason’s smart too?”

Lafayette laughed. “I know! He hides it better than Sook. Pissed his mother off hard when he went to UPenn on an athletic ride then turned down the NFL for Wharton. He’s such hot shit they let him take a semester off. He got his MBA. Graduated with a 5.1 and a year ahead like Sookie would have. They got it from Daddy. There ain’t a soul in town who wouldn’t take his advice on anything. That family is royalty here.”

Ok. My turn. “How did he put up with her for so long?”

“His heart’s too big and she’s a manipulative bitch. She ain’t been nothing but a haunting for years. Ever since the Bill thing. She stayed with her sister for 6 months until he calmed down.”

“The wedding or Thanksgiving?”

His eyes got big. He didn’t realize I’d know. “Thanksgiving. She defended him. Said even if he did it, it was Sookie’s fault because she was a tease. Didn’t call once to check on Sookie either.”

“Fucking bitch.” Alcide nodded quietly and Pam’s wheels were spinning. She was piecing things together, realizing what we were talking about.

“Oh yeah! You’ll have no problem guessing what inspired me to go into family law! Even Tara’s beatings pale in comparison to the emotional abuse Sheila inflicted on her family. Sookie could have taken beatings easier. Hell, she did from Bill.”

HE BEAT HER! Lafayette had an ‘oops’ moment when he saw the look on my face. I’d suspected it after she made that comment at dinner last night. Now that I knew, it was going to be really hard to not kill him the next time I see him.

“What are the odds of him being at the bar tonight?”

“Not bad. He’s not there constantly, but I’ve seen him there a few times.”

I grabbed my gun out of my belt and put it on the table in front of Alcide. “Lock it up.”


I got up and walked out to the living room looking for something to do. The air mattress for the kids was sitting in the corner on the piano bench with the pump. That’s as good as anything. I plugged in the pump and started. I’d never made such a perfect bed. My quarter bouncing father would have been proud. I even tracked down pillows and pillow cases. I almost laughed when I realized I was doing exactly what Sookie said I did: distracting myself from an extreme. When I was done with that, I noticed the kids were done drawing and cleaned that up, then their dishes from dinner. When I couldn’t find anything else to do, I went to the hall bathroom and started straightening that up and took a load of towels to the laundry. Trying to think of everything but Bill beating on Sookie and even tried to distract myself with the case. But it wasn’t working.

Sookie came out on the mud porch and closed the door to the kitchen and watched me with her hands on her hips. “It doesn’t make any sense to be pissed about it.” She sounded flat.

“That’s why I’m working through it.”

“Anything I can do?”

I stopped folding laundry and looked at her. “I don’t think so.”

She walked over to me and took the shirt that I’d been folding from me, setting it on the dryer. She wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder and just stayed there. She wasn’t doing it because she needed it. It was because I needed it. I put my arms around her and I started to feel better. I really was gone if nothing more than a hug from her could calm me down. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t move. It barely seemed like she was breathing. She just held on to me and I swear, I could feel it all melt away.

“Happy now?”

She leaned back to look at me. “What do you mean?”

“Consider me handled. I’m calming down.” I must have sounded like a pouting child because she laughed at me.

“Then yes. I’m happy, but I wasn’t trying to handle you. I just didn’t want you to ruin my shirt.”

I laughed and she smiled at me, proud of herself for getting me out of my shitty mood. “Who told you that I was fuming?”

“Alcide. ‘You need to come tend to your boy. Laf just let it slip that your EX knocked you around.’ Lafayette is really upset with himself.”

“I’m sorry I freaked out.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t explain better. The Reader’s Digest version of the relationship that you got the night we met was condensed down to ‘polite conversation’. If you want more details, we have a whole road trip to talk tomorrow.”

“You’re going to kill me tonight. You know that, right?”

She laughed at me for changing the subject. “You’ll do just fine.” No I wouldn’t.

I gave her the high eyebrow.

She rolled her eyes at me. “Would you like me to go change?”

“No, but I don’t want to leave the house either.”


As Alcide and Amelia briefed Taryn on watching the kids and wrote down phone numbers, Sookie and Lafayette went upstairs, so I followed to help (be nosey). The room at the right was done as a guestroom, complete with antique furniture and floral wallpaper. It looked like any bed and breakfast I’d ever seen. The room on the other side… It looked like a music studio. In addition to the keyboard and violin setup, I counted 8 guitars and basses hanging along the walls and the drum set was HUGE. When Lafayette got behind it and started abusing my ears, I could barely see him. I couldn’t imagine how small Sookie would seem behind it. The design on it was cobalt blue with neon green flames so I wondered which came first; the paint job on her car or the drums. I watched in awe as Sookie quickly tuned a black and silver and then a hot pink and orange guitar and put them in hard cases. She took the drum sticks from Lafayette, putting them in one of her cases and told him that if he never touched another pair of drumsticks, it’d be too soon.


We walked out the front door, the 6 of us, at 7:30 and Sookie ran to her car. She hadn’t had time to look over the new upholstery since Laf brought it back and she was over the moon. She squealed and giggled. Since I didn’t know what the old seats looked like, I couldn’t gage how much of an improvement it was, but Lafayette was right when he said it was sexy. Sookie explained her excitement to everyone describing the old plain white pleather while we looked down on neon green leather (matching the flames) with cobalt blue piping and carpet. Alcide declared his appreciation the same way he had last night at her father’s house and she laughed, telling him if he was nice she might let him drive it. I felt bad cheating on my Bel Air but when Sookie offered me the keys, I couldn’t resist. Everyone seemed as impressed as I was, and all of us rode together with the top down in the cool November air.


We had pulled off the county road and slowly made our way down a narrow path, pitch black and rutted with trees so close on either side that I wasn’t sure what to do if another car came from the opposite direction. It was like waiting in the dark for a scary movie to start. The anticipation was building for what felt like forever, all of us quiet with our excitement. Sookie’s hand went to my knee and squeezed as we saw the break in the trees. My eyes had a hard time adjusting from the dark to the blinding light coming from the former landing strip and current parking lot as Sookie directed me to park by the front door of the corrugated metal structure to the ‘reserved’ spots next to her father’s truck.


The bar was packed. I remembered thinking that half of Bon Temps was at Tara’s Halloween party, but there must have been 300 people inside and the lawn outside had at least that and they had already started a bonfire. As we made our way through the crowd, Sookie held my hand and waved and smiled to nearly everyone. ‘Royalty’ hadn’t been an exaggeration. She towed me, everyone else followed, to the back of the bar to where Jason and Corbett were waiting for us with Sam and Tara. They had pulled together 4 tables to make room for everyone, but Sookie still sat on my lap.

Her father growled at her outfit and gave me the hairy eyeball. I laughed with my hands in the air. “I had nothing to do with it.”

Corbett’s reply was nothing but a smile. I suppose I passed some sort of ‘Dad test’ by not being the type of guy to want his girlfriend to dress a certain way.

We’d all gotten drinks and had been sitting at the table, happily visiting for a while. When Get Off by Prince started, Lafayette jumped up and yanked Sookie to the dance floor. If I was jealous of the lap dance he got before, I wanted to kill him now. He got to touch every part of her body while they danced and I had a hard time figuring out if I wanted to be him or glad that I wasn’t him. Since her father was watching, I decided that I was quite content to let her dance with Lafayette since Sookie didn’t affect him the way she did me. I decided to start buying ‘relaxed fit jeans’ now that I’d be with her, a decision punctuated with more torture. Sookie came back to the table and grabbed Tara and Ame’s hands, pulling them out to mind fuck me to Promiscuous Girl.  Sookie was a very good teacher apparently; Ame had no problems with the pace. She did have a problem with being dumped to dance with me while Alcide and Sookie danced to a slow song. I looked over at them from time to time and they talked all the way through it, peaking my interest.

All hope was lost for me when Strict Machine started playing and Sookie danced over to me and pulled me to the dance floor. She had enough forethought to pull me to the other end of the dance floor so her father couldn’t see us as well. Her thighs went to either side of my leg and she all but dry humped my leg under the guise of dancing and it was driving me up a wall. I thought I couldn’t take anymore until she turned around and put her ass up against me with her hands on my legs. When my eyes stopped rolling around in my head, I noticed our table was empty except for Jason and Lafayette who were huddled together talking about something very seriously but what caught my attention was that Corbett wasn’t sitting there watching; he was dancing with Pam. Relief. That meant that I didn’t have to try as hard to hide what Sookie had done to me.

The next song was Drive. Slowing things down seemed like a good idea so we stayed for a slow dance. I was wrong. Dancing close wasn’t any easier than dancing fast. I was fucked, afraid that I’d never find anything that I could do with Sookie that didn’t make me hard enough to hammer railroad spikes. In spite of being extremely self conscious, I was still enjoying myself. That is, until I was tapped on the shoulder.

“May I cut in?”

I looked over my shoulder and had to bite back my urge to twist Bill’s head from his shoulders. “No.” I went back to dancing.

“I want to dance with my wife.”

The fact that he was still breathing was enough of a bother to me, refusing to get the hint was really pissing me off. “Then go find another one. This one’s traded up.”

Sookie giggled into my chest while he thought of something to say. “Perhaps you’d like to take this outside?” His thick, pretentious Louisiana accent was grating my last nerve.

“Go fuck yourself.”

“Scared?” Of him? I laughed.

“No. You’re not worth the trouble.” Sookie and I hadn’t missed a step. “Leave us alone.”

“You dress her like a slut.” I started to let go of Sookie because I wanted to kill him, but she clasped her hands behind my back and distracted me by breathing on my neck.

“Silly me. I let my woman dress herself. GO AWAY.”

“Or what?”

“Or you’ll be arrested for harassing a federal agent, beaten to within an inch of your pathetic life for resisting arrest whether you do or not, and while you’re in holding you’ll get corn holed by my choice of felons. When your house is searched, your computers will be seized and your vast collection of kiddie porn will put you away long enough that you’ll need a walker to get across the cemetery to harass her.” Sookie was laughing against me.

“Federal agent?”

I stopped dancing, turned and stooped down, getting so close to him that our noses nearly touched. “FBI. Do you have anything else you’d like to say?”

“Yeah. She does her best work in alleys.” Did he really just say that?  It didn’t matter. Before the thought had filtered its way through my brain, my fist had connected with his forehead and he fell back. It was Jason and Lafayette who grabbed me and kept me from continuing his beating.  He was still down when I had calmed enough to be let go and both of them smiled at me and patted my shoulders and shepherded me over to our table. I was feeling really proud of myself. Not for punching Bill, but for thinking to give Alc my gun.

When they sat me down, I was worried that Sookie would just see me as another violent asshole and not want another thing to do with me. The worry had just started to take grip when Sookie came over and without a word sat back down on my lap. She took my wrist and gently set my hand on her thigh and eased a bag of ice down on top of it. I didn’t even realize it hurt until the weight of the ice was resting on it. She looked at me with no expression while everyone came back to the table, congratulating me as they sat down. When they came back from taking Bill to his car, Pam told me that her and Alcide ‘didn’t see anything’ and Corbett said that the locals wouldn’t say anything even if Bud bothered to ask questions. That was nice and all, but I was still petrified that Sookie wouldn’t forgive me for this.

Finally, I gave up waiting for a hint. I reached up, putting my good hand on her neck and gently pulling her ear to me. “Sookie. I’m sorry.”

She hugged my neck and whispered. “Don’t be sorry. He deserved it.” Thank. GOD. I can breathe again. She left her arms wrapped around my neck and I didn’t particularly care that everyone was staring or what they were thinking. Sookie wasn’t mad at me. That’s what mattered to me at the moment.

It was a long time before either of us said anything in spite of the chatter at the table. But the noise on the other side of the large doors was growing enough to have grabbed my attention too. So she took her guitars and went to the stage with her family, leaving Tara with Pam, Alcide, Amelia and I. I silently watched the stage as they moved around and set things up and Amelia looked at my hand. My hand was sore, but fine so I left the ice off of it and started nursing my drink.

My breathe was taken away when ‘the show’ started. Sookie had taken her place at the microphone and as Terry and another guy unlatched the doors to the hangar and dragged them open, Sookie started belting out the intro vocals to Lies by Evanescence.  Corbett was playing bass, Jason was behind the drums and Sookie was not only singing the song perfectly, but playing lead guitar just as flawlessly. They went on to impress everyone with Do You Wanna by Joan Jett before Sookie and Jason switched and she got behind the drums. They played How Manny People Wanna Kick Some Ass and Think Twice before performing a completely rearranged What Was I thinking. It sounded like it was written as Ska. Sookie had been right about Jason’s voice. I’d love to be able to sing like that. When Corbett was bullied by his kids into singing, he ended up doing Smooth well enough that Pam practically drooled and then Sookie came out from behind the drum set. She went to the microphone and announced that they were going to slow it down and play some country. She smiled directly at Alcide and Amelia, waving them up to the dance floor. She went to the back of the stage and pulled out a fiddle(?). That might actually be a turn off.  So I thought. She played while her father sang I Cross My Heart like George Strait did it, making my partner and his wife very happy campers.


They played for almost two hours and as they did the crowd inside and out grew to nearly double of what it was before. The crowd inside was going crazy, they even broke into a mosh pit when Jason and Lafayette (yes, Lafayette) sang Remedy, Always and Never There. Outside was more of an issue. The younger crowd had lost their hormonal little minds completely so the tone of the music was changed… Jason and Sookie sang Broken together in perfect harmony before Sookie took center stage again to play guitar and sing for Tap That, Sour Cherry and Phenomenon but the last song she sang was Just One Kiss. I thought I’d die.  It had been my favorite song since I was in high school. It was the song that made me fall in love with punk to begin with and I’d never heard it sound so good.

I watched the Stackhouses put away their instruments while most of the crowd left and the giant door was closed.  When Sookie finally got back to the table she sat in the chair next to me and took my wrist to look at my hand. I laughed at her and told her it was fine and then scooped her up to put her in my lap.

“You waited too long to show off for me. You were great.”

She started laughing. “Too long, huh?” She gave me a wink and kissed me. Not just a peck either. Hot and tonguey. Hard. Uncomfortable because her father was at the table. Did I mention hard? I like her father and all, but at the moment he was the only thing keeping me in the chair instead of taking Sookie to break in her new back seat. My hands were staying G rated, but there were a thousand things I’d rather do with them. FUCK!

It was Tara who snapped Sookie out of her determined assault on my face by slapping her leg and asking Alcide how he could sleep in the room next to us.

The fucker started laughing. “Sleeping isn’t a problem now that I know to keep my iPod charged. The problem is walking in on that EVERY TIME I come into a room. These two are like foreplay landmines.”

I reached over and backhanded him in the ribs, then had to hide that it hurt my hand. His input is probably more information than Corbett needed to hear.

“Shit man! The party, the foyer, the hall, the kitchen, this morning… And that’s just in the last 48 hours. Deny it!”

“I’m not denying anything, asshole. Walk heavier! You weigh two sixty for fuck sake. Stop sneaking around the house like a god damn ninja.”

He started laughing and nodded, agreeing to try to make more noise to remind us he was around. And in front of God and everyone (namely her father) Sookie promised to keep her hands off of my ‘dick’ in the public parts of the house when he was home. They even shook on it. Surprising me more than the candid statement was that her father was amused…  This family was going to take a lot of getting used to. My father was so uncomfortable with public displays of affection, he’d probably be uncomfortable with hand holding, definitely a negative on the lap sitting and Sookie and I would HAVE to get a hotel room when we visit because otherwise we’d find ourselves sleeping in separate rooms. When Smom MADE him give me the birds and bees ‘talk’, he handed me a Hustler and told me to ‘figure it out’. Something told me that the intellectual Stackhouses were about as timid about sexuality as they were of being on stage.

I’d watched Jason and Lafayette share a few more very quiet words before they said goodnight to everyone and left together, hugging or slapping hands with all of us on their way out and it wasn’t long before Corbett and Pam opted to take a walk for some ‘fresh air’. The Merlottes were close behind them with their excuse to head home so we took our cue and decided to head out. Amelia had been kibitzing about new babysitter nerves anyway and to be honest, I’d wanted Sookie all day long and needed some alone time with her.

I laughed to myself when we got to the parking lot and Corbett’s truck was gone. ’Walk’ my ass.

“Can I drive?”

Sookie eyed Alcide. “How much have you had?”

He smiled at her like a man-child who remembered to put the seat down. “3. Only beer and spread out.” She grimaced and tossed him the keys after she opened the trunk. She placed her guitar cases in it and pulled out a thick wool blanket. She wrapped herself up and then climbed over the side of the car, into the back seat. When I climbed in, she snuggled up to me and as soon as the lights faded to the dark canopy of trees Sookie grabbed the lapels of my P-coat and pulled me down on top of her. She tented the blanket over us to muffle our sounds as we became a pair of horny teenagers, pawing and groping at each other… chewing…  Until Alcide complained when he realized that we’d disappeared from the rear view. Fucking asshole. He was bitching about her breaking their deal so soon. Sookie smiled at me as I pushed myself up, stretching one leg out along the length of the bench seat. She nestled into me with her back laid against my stomach and her perfect ass on the seat against my throbbing dick. She pulled the blanket up to her chin and both of her hands went behind her back to stroke me. I pretended to be enjoying the breeze and let my head fall back while I enjoyed something else entirely.

It was getting harder and harder to seem unaffected. By the time we turned onto the driveway, both of my hands had a death grip on the blanket- my last hold on self control.

“Alc, park behind the house please.”

“Sure. Why?”

“Because me and Eric are going to hang out in the car for a while and your babysitter parked out front.”

He started laughing. “Aren’t you two a little old to be rounding the bases in the back seat?”

“Really? Today my boyfriend watched me at cheer practice, we baby sat, he beat up my ex and my garage band played. Explain why we shouldn’t get to continue the theme.” He shook his head and chuckled, agreeing that it made perfect sense.

Her hands never stopped moving, one of them stroked my cock through my jeans the other tickled the inside of my thigh. She ‘adjusted’ herself against me, swaying her hips from side to side against me. FUCK.Oh. my. God.

All I wanted was for Alc and Ame to get out of the fucking car. Sookie didn’t even wait for their doors to open before she started to unthread my belt and open my pants. She plunged her hand in and her fingers went straight to the sweet spot right under the tip, sending a shock through my whole body. She snickered when she felt me tense behind her and watched until our company was out of sight. She yelled after them, “Hey Alc, help yourself to the docking station in the kitchen.” I heard him chuckle as the screen door on the back porch opened.

I finally lifted my head as she reached down and unzipped her boots to toe them off. She stood up and unzipped the back of her pants and shimmied them down her thighs, revealing her low cut red lace boy short panties. Ungh. Shit. I slid my hands up her legs while she pulled her hoodie off and pulled her back to me to chew her neck. I untied her halter top and pulled it away to cup my hands over her amazing breasts, rubbing my thumbs over hard nipples and cool barbells. FUCK. She arched her back away from me and slid her thumbs into my pants sliding them down as much as she could and grabbed my cock, stroking. squeezing. fffffuck. I slid my hands down and started pushing her panties down and once they were out of my way, I hugged her to me and laid her on the seat face down. She gasped when her body touched the cold leather and started to moan and squirm the second my fingers went into her. I used my free hand to untie my boots and kick them off then quickly get rid of my pants and shirt and lower myself to hover over her. I rubbed her clit gently at first, then hard, gently again and she moaned and whimpered, arching her back and lifting her ass in the air. Mmmm. Shit… Fuck!

I leaned over and growled into Sookie’s ear. “Tell me there’s a rubber in your purse.”

She grunted that she did and smiled at me while I searched frantically. “We only have to deal with those for few more days. When I ran errands, I stopped by my doctor’s office and got the shot.” Thank god. These things were a huge pain in the ass! All I could do was smile like it was Christmas.

She moved over and straddled my lap, resting her elbows on my shoulders and leaning in to kiss me. Her mouth was hot against my cool lips, the only warm parts of my body were the ones touching hers. My thighs clenched as she lowered herself onto me and we moaned against each other. I nearly bit her lip when she clamped her muscles down around me and… started killing me.

She moved her hips in circles, hands fisted into my hair while her tongue played against mine. The harder I tried to think, the more it seemed like my brain was shutting down. The only things I felt were her mouth moving to my neck and the contrast between the cold air and her warm body on my cock as she lifted and shoved herself down on it. Bucking. Pitching. Working me up to the edge and then stopping with a wicked smile each time. Mmmm. When she started again, she grinded down. Back and forth. Tight and wet. Sweaty and breathless. I moaned and grabbed her hips, helping her move. She started to tremble as she got closer and closer to coming and leaned back, bracing herself against my legs and moaning. Her eyes rolled back when she lost control and her muscles started to spasm around me. Fuck. She panted and yelled, digging her nails into my knees while she came… tighter and tighter… forcing me to come in spite of myself.

She went limp, nearly falling off my lap, but I caught her and pulled her to me and covered us with the blanket again. I chuckled at her. “I needed that all day.”

She snickered into my chest. “Me too. I’ll have to let Lafayette know about the new rule.”

“What will that be?”

“That he has to call on his way over to wake us up. That way we have the chance to get our morning nookie before he gets here.”

I smiled. “Sounds reasonable… we should head in before we freeze.”

She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed. “Who’s cold? This is perfect.”

It was tempting to stay like that all night, but I reached over and grabbed my shirt and slipped it over her head and managed to get my legs into my pants. She stood up and waited for me to pull them up the rest of the way and gather the rest of our clothes.  I scooped her up and carried her in, dropping our things on the dryer on our way. I didn’t stop, we could hear music coming from the guest room, but we didn’t see anyone but sleeping kids and I carried her straight to the bathroom and turned the water on in the shower.

I took the blanket, pulled my shirt off her and stripped my jeans off. She smiled at me the whole time and hopped up to wrap her legs around me when I was done. I was kissing her again by the time I stepped under the water. I couldn’t get enough of her kisses. Her body. Her. I held her close to me while I let the hot water thaw us, going back to groping and pawing at each other. She gasped again when her back hit the cool tile wall, but she gave me a wicked smile, reaching between us and lining us up.

I had her pinned and she bit her lip and clawed at the wall behind her when I shoved into her. I adjusted my arms to hold her up from under her legs and slammed our bodies together as hard as I could without hurting her. She panted and yelled my name. I moaned and growled her name. It was primitive. Animalistic. Fuck. Oh GOD! Never.enough… NEVER.  The way she twitched and trembled when she was coming made me ache. Mmmm. The way her tight got tighter. FUCK! It was like being yanked over the edge. Falling. I threw my head back and groaned, jerking as her throbbing forced me through. Coming was almost a letdown. It meant that the fun was over… For a while.

She smiled and pulled my mouth to hers as she lowered her unsteady legs. And I stood back and enjoyed the show while she washed her perfect body with cinnamon scented body wash. When she turned to rinse her hair, she smiled up at me.

“I guess we should get a bigger hot water heater, huh.”

“Or you could take a faster shower so I can get you to bed.”

She laughed. “You haven’t had your fill?”

“Not by a long shot.”

She stepped out of the way to let me under the water. “What if I cut you off?”

“Oh, you don’t want to do that.”

“Oh really. Why not?” giggling. Mmmm.

“Because you might not ever take me seriously again if you saw me beg.” She threw her head back and laughed.

“We do have a busy day tomorrow. A lot of driving.”

“I’m sure you can keep me awake for the drive…”

She stepped out and started to dry off, eyeing me over her shoulder. “Like 99 Bottles of Beer?”

My turn to laugh. I was thinking that heavy petting would definitely keep me ‘up’, but…


I wasn’t completely dry yet when I grabbed her and carried her to the bed. She laughed all the way there. “I thought you were kidding!”

I shook my head at her and pulled her towel off. “Negative.” I put my hand between her legs, fingers moving, thumb rubbing. I wrapped my lips around her nipple and ran my tongue over it.

She squeaked. “Eric!” It was followed by a long moan.

I let her go just long enough to go to ear and whisper. “Shhhh. You’ll wake everyone up.”

She giggled. “Keeping me quiet is the one thing you’re bad at. We’re fucked.”

“That’s the idea.” I nibbled and bit my way down her body, eventually replacing my thumb with my tongue. Ffffuck. She moaned and grabbed my hair, panting right away.

The longer I played, the more she squirmed and bit back on her noise until she gave up. She let go of my hair and grabbed a pillow, smothering herself and letting out a moan so deep that her whole body vibrated. I couldn’t help but laugh and started to lick and gnaw my way up her body, stopping at her nipples again. She squealed and jerked while I enjoyed each one. Fuck, it was fun!

I took the pillow from her with a big shit eating grin on my face and she wrapped her arms around my neck and yanked me down to kiss her. I pulled away, still smiling. “You’re cheating.”

She was panting harder and sweating slightly. “You try cuming for half an hour! Then we’ll see how you do.”

“I’m sorry?” I was laughing.

She growled at me. “Shut up and fuck me.”

She pulled me to her and started chewing on my neck. “Yes ma’am.”

I’ve always been good at taking orders.




7 thoughts on “Chapter 6: Rock & Roll High School

  1. Ok, I have counted twice, both in the shower where E/S have had sex with no protection. She’s pregnant, I betcha!

  2. I’m hoping it was meant to be implied; Sookie is the de facto sex ed teacher, she would know all about protection: like using condoms til the shot kicked in, and don’t trust the shot or the pill if you’re taking medication, or at least she SHOULD know all about it as the schools de facto. Although I’m surprised neither of them mentioned getting tested. At this point they’ve only known each other a full 48 hours and have not had any formal discussion on where each others parts have been.

    Yay! Jason gets to be a genius too!

  3. Eric is so funny and totally out of control. Poor guy walking around with a hard on all day and Sookie is not letting up on him.

    I can’t believe Bill, the little wife beater creep, had enough guts to challenge Eric. Loved when his ass hit the floor and couldn’t get back up.

  4. Ch 6: Ouch Rough questions from the kiddies for Alcede. Woo Hoo can just picture the outfits. Poor Sookie (how she grew up). Dayum Jason an MBA? Oh Boy for the little bomb Lala dropped about Scumbill. Woo Hoo for Pam getting Daddy to dance. Oh Scumbill you are a f’ing idiot. How has the townsfolk not run his arse out of town? Wow great songs. ROFL for Eric’s birds and bees talk. Go Pammy…..Make a move. Yummy car time, and shower time, and bed time.

  5. This Bill has to be one of the most psychopathic I’ve ever seen… Good to see him get a few hits though nothing is enough until he is totally gone… I am really worried about the Vampire and his alphabet rules combined with the fact that he seemingly wants to strike in Bon Temps again. I hope our fav characters are safe!

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