News, Vids, Banners, Chapters…

Hey there!

I know it’s been too long… and I have a lot for you, so bear with me…


I’m canceling the Infinite Series. I’ve been trying to finish the alternate POVs for Dead Tired and work on the next chapter of Dead Sexy, but I’m blocked. I’ve been blocked for so long that I’m throwing in the towel for now. I’m hoping to eventually get back to it, but it’s not fair for me string you along. To those of you who enjoyed the story, I’m sorry. I’m going to leave it up, but I’ll be moving it all to the same page eventually.



I’ve had requests for more of The Dating Game. To spare confusion, I’ve moved it (along with my one-shots) to a page just for shorties. I guess it could be called a ficlet more than a one-shot, but it still isn’t going to get dependable updates.

One Shots



I’ve been doing some playing. I’ve made my first FanVid and uploaded it to YouTube. It’s Eric and all of his badassedness. Please tell me what you think because I had fun and I want to do more.

Eric Northman- Get Back



I’ve been playing with my pics too… I was all set to upload some new banners to my site when I opened an email from LEI yesterday… She sent 2 new pretties to me.

LEI… Thank you, Love! I did a bit of drooling.

Myself, I made 6 more…


As ever, your art is welcome and if you don’t Gimp/Pshop and you have an idea, feel free to send me some inspiration. My email is

*Screencaps and posed photos only, please. I’m emphatically anti-pap.



Progress reports:

Alcide In Wonderland (Chapter 24) is still in progress.

Life & Death (the Saints & Sinners sequel) is being planned and won’t continue until AIW is finished.

The Death of Me (the Bored To Death sequel) is being outlined and won’t be posted until after Meanwhile is finished, but I have several Outtakes in the works. Most of them involve the alternate realities folding into each other. I’ve been playing with several ‘what if’ scenarios and if you want to throw a new one my way, feel free. I can’t guarantee that my mind will be able to do anything with your ‘what if’, but I’ve been playing with a couple of ideas from my family already. Just ask your ‘what if’ as a review to this post, please. Not only would it be easier for me to keep track so that I can give credit (or point fingers, hehe), but it would give me the chance to see if anyone else is interested in seeing your idea after I taint it with my imagination. I ❤ your input. Always.


And what I’m sure you’ve suffered through the rest of my drivel to get to…


Chapter 20: 2740


It Can’t Be

Chapter 17: Assholes


I’ve missed your reviews more than you’ve missed my chapters…

Give me something to read.



27 thoughts on “News, Vids, Banners, Chapters…

  1. Hi Lady:

    Thanks for the update on everything. I can’t believe I almost forgot about Life & Death. With all your other stories that I’m catching up on now, I forgot about the S&S sequel. Saints & Sinners will always hold a special place in my SVM fanfiction addicted heart! Hope all is going well for you on the other side of the bridge! ~Take care.

  2. Thank you for the updates, I’ll get to them as soon as I finish reading your one-shots.
    I’m sorry to hear that the muses have left you for Dead Tired and Dead Sexy but I BEG you, do not pull them off your website. I’m just coming round to starting them, after finishing S&S.

  3. hello I hope that your muze comes back eventually for the Infinite Series, but no rush . as for everything else ,you do what you can when you can and we as readers will get over it….. I have enjoyed EVERYTHING you have written so keep up the great work you are a fantastic writer. until your next chapters of anything i will be patient and wait for whatever bone you throw our way. thank you Kristie

  4. Of course it’s sad that you don’t feel able to continue with the Infinite series, but you definitely know how to soften the blow with updates and promises of sequels 🙂
    I love all your stories, so am just grateful that you share any of them with us.

  5. Sometimes life just gets in the way or you need to do something different for a change (make banners) totally understandable, but I am glad with the updates!

  6. Thank you so much for even considering my banners………….there are no words…..nada……..just wow……I’m a fan just like the thousands who log in each day to read your work…..No matter how long the wait ‘WE’ all know that it’s sooooooooo worth the wait…..

  7. Sorry to hear about you calling the “Infinite Series” though I understand your pov, and hope that once some other projects have come to completion your muse for it will return. 🙂 But in the meantime I am consoled with and very happy that you will leave it up so I can re-read when I feel the urge 🙂

    Fic-lets & One-shots are always a nice read in a pinch 🙂 and I am excited to see them all in one place 🙂 (but gosh the work that must take)

    I Truly Enjoy the work you put into your writing let alone the other aspects of your page, such as the Fan Vid, Fan Art, and of course your own Banners and that you give credit where you feel its due is fantastic, then add too that life and all that entails I don’t know how you do it all (unless you sacrifice that thing called Sleep… LOL thats what I do)

    finally but not least I am ecstatic to hear about whats in the works and Over The Moon for the newest chapter of ‘Meanwhile’ (I drop everything when I see you have a New Chapter… I am addicted to your work… and no I am not blowing smoke 🙂 I can admit enthusiastically that I appreciate great stories when they’re presented)

    Hope to see more in the future & wish you Luck and Good Fortune

  8. Loved the video, I put it up on Facebook on a friends wall… hope you don’t mind! Off to read Meanwhile….:-)

  9. I very much appreciate your anti-pap stance. I really feel for actors, since nothing, from their kids to their grocery shopping, is sacred, and people won’t stop selling photos until we stop buying them!

  10. I hope that you will finish the Infinite series when able. It is my favorite of all your stories. Please do not take them down from your site. I have always loved your banners and artwork but am disappointed about the loss of future stories.

  11. Yeah, you’re back! Glad you’re well and updating! Can’t wait to read new Meanwhile! Getting goosebumps thinking about those sequels!!! Take care and keep’em coming: -)

  12. You just had a baby for god sake’s en you wrote at the same time.
    no wonder, just take it easy. I’m a mom my self with three kids.
    I thought it was amazing that you did it with a baby.
    Don’t worry I will still be here when you get your inspirations back.

  13. I’ve got to say I love all your stories. My favorites change by what is being updated at the moment. Whenever you get to a story I’m happy, just because they are all so good. Thanks for taking the time to entertain us.

  14. Please don’t cancel the Infinite series, It’s my favourite so far quickly followed by Bored to death and Meanwhile. I don’t care if you take a year or even two before going on whit it again but don’t cancel it. Sometimes you loose your inspiration, but there is no way for you to know when it will come back, and I’m sure it will.

  15. Great job on the Banners and the music video. As well as the chapters. Your writting is inspiring. Your muse she’ll come back when it’s not so busy. Can’t wait for more. Thanks

  16. I am not usually into fan videos but that was rockin! Also LOVED the two chapters you updated – fangs muchly. Your stories are definitely addictive. I echo the anti pap sentiment as well. Also I checked out the links for Gehry and Lloyd-Wright buildings, I have visited a couple, but am newly inspired in the wake of ICB to structure a *look at buildings* adventure. I always feel inspired in some way or another after reading your writings, so a shout out of RESPECT to you.

  17. Thanks for the update! I loved your video – SO PRETTY!!!

    Since you asked – would love to see a BTD/Meanwhile out take where Sookie meets her fae relatives before she meets any vampires or where Sookie meets Eric before vampires come out to the public. I am sure you have many more fantastic ideas than I could ever come up with though. Your stories are so amazing and creative. I am such a fan girl of all things Ericizmine!

  18. Eric Northman – Get Back was FABULOUS! Thanks for putting the work in it was much appreciated, I’m still smiling.

  19. I am very saddened to see that you are throwing in the towel with the infinite series, it was the first thing of yours that i read, so it will always hold a special place in my heart for drawing me into your fabulous site of creative genius. i hope that some day inspiration will hit and you’ll be able to finish it, in the mean time im glad to hear you wont be taking it down and I always love everything else you update on 🙂

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