Đǽđ Ŧïяєđ: Vote for the next POV

I’m probably going to regret this…

I’m going to let y’all pick who the next chapter is going to be from.

You re-readers can probably remember what’s coming next…

*clears throat*

Chapter 27: Little Blessings  will definitely be from Eric and Sookie.

So let me have it…

Who do you want to hear from in chapter 26?

3 thoughts on “Đǽđ Ŧïяєđ: Vote for the next POV

  1. I am so glad you found this site to post to!! All the extra-extra work you put into this!! Amazing! If you give me an address I’ll send you a cook and maid to look after the kids so all you would have to do is write:)

  2. I’d be interested in Tobin’s POV. That poor guy is just shell-shocked and I’d love to hear what’s going on in his head!

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